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Ways to Honor Your Elderly Loved One this November

November is a big month for family traditions. At the end of the month, we celebrate Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful for the people in our lives. In the middle of the month, we honor our veterans. Even though life gets busy, it’s important not to let these days go by without reaching out to our loved ones. It costs nothing but a bit of time – and the rewards are plentiful.

Are you looking for ways to honor your senior loved one this coming month? Here are a few ideas for doing so.

Ask for Advice

When was the last time you asked Grandma for some advice? It’s a shame that with a lifetime of experience, older adults are often looked over for advice. Even if Grandma has dementia, you can still ask her how to handle a certain situation. You may be surprised if she gives you some practical advice that you can use. Older adults have a lot of experience with people, after all! Grandmas are often the first ones to say something like, “Kill ‘em with kindness.”

Discuss Family Traditions

Consider the popularity of sites like and People are paying good money to learn about their backgrounds and family histories. Before you do that, go right to the source – an older adult in your family. Use this time to learn about your heritage, look through old photos and strengthen generational ties. You can also learn practical information such as medical histories, hobbies/interests and family relationships.

Eat a Meal Together

Some seniors don’t get their full nutrients because they don’t eat enough. Appetite can be affected by medications, a lost interest in food and changing taste buds. The good news is that Grandpa doesn’t need a huge plate of food to be nourished. Plan a meal together and use this time to enjoy what’s on your plates and catch up. You can dine at a restaurant, cook a meal at home or visit your loved one in assisted living.

Do an Activity Together

There are many activities that can be shared by multiple generations, such as putting together a puzzle, painting/coloring pictures, arranging a scrapbook, listening to music or visiting a museum or conservatory. Sharing in activities strengthens relationships, builds memories and stimulates the senses. It’s good for everyone!

Don’t let November go by without honoring your elderly loved one. It will make a difference in both your lives!