Family Private Care

Staying Connected To God

CNAFamily Private Care is pleased to announce that we are now offering spiritual care services to our clients. We recognize that the well-being of a person often rests in their connectedness to God; that connectedness is the primary source of one’s peace and in it people find purpose, direction, values, self-worth and comfort.

For many of our clients we find that illness, distance, lack of transportation or a myriad of other reasons now prevent them from attending worship services or participating in other faith practices that have meant so much to them. The needs and desires for these experiences have not lessened, but the opportunity for them is now difficult, even impossible.

Family Private Care is excited to make that possible for clients who desire them. Services include prayer, reading of scripture, communion, hymns, and spiritual and grief counseling. As needed we can connect clients to the resources of their faith practices.

Leading this exciting new phase of our services is Jeana Fortenberry. Jeana already works with clients and referral sources as a Senior Care Advisor with Family Private Care. She is an ordained Baptist minister with a long background of local church ministry including youth ministry, senior adult ministry, pastoral care and worship leadership. Jeana’s background and training make her uniquely qualified for this new and important service. Jeana is available to visit clients in the privacy of their homes, wherever they call home, at their request.

Our bodies will wane, but the needs of our souls do not. Our hope is that this added dimension for Family Private Care will meet the needs of our clients at their deepest level.

Jeana is available to visit clients in their residence, at their request, and at no charge. Please call for more information or to schedule a time for Rev. Fortenberry to visit you or a loved one.