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It’s not unusual for seniors living at home to lose interest in preparing food. When this happens, it becomes more difficult to eat balanced, nutritious meals. Rather than stocking your parent’s fridge with TV dinners and other processed meals, research the meal delivery services that are available. Many services offer special diets as well. Below are five of our favorites.

  1. Meals On Wheels

Meals On Wheels is the largest provider of senior meal services, and it delivers food directly to the homes of seniors with limited mobility, as well as senior centers. Financial assistance is available, so your parent may be eligible if he or she cannot pay the full price. With over 5,000 independently run programs, you should have no trouble finding one in your area.

  1. Personal Chef To Go

Personal Chef To Go delivers lunches and dinners that follow the American Heart Association’s guidelines. It’s a great program if your loved one is on a strict diet or looking to improve their cardiovascular health. The meals even incorporate ethnic flavors. Weekly or biweekly shipments are available, with plans starting at $70.

  1. is based in California and takes great pride in delivering handmade dishes to the doorsteps of individuals and families. Rather than offering gourmet foods, the company distinguishes itself with homestyle dishes. Senior, low-sodium, portion-controlled, gluten-free and diabetic-friendly meal plans are all available. Seniors get a discount, and there are no contracts.

  1. Home Bistro/DineWise

Home Bistro and DineWise ship frozen meals throughout the USA, and the meals can be conveniently reheated in the microwave or oven. Because the meals are prepared, they don’t need to be eaten immediately as other meals do. There are many nutritional profiles available, including low sodium, diabetic, low carb and gluten free. Multi-meal packages start at $90.

  1. EasyLife Meals

EasyLife Meals is a meal delivery service that is committed to improving the lives of diabetics. All prepared meals come with an entree, carb side dish and two servings of vegetables so you can feel good that Mom or Dad is eating a balanced diet. Even if your parent isn’t a diabetic, they can still benefit from the heart-healthy meals. Food is shipped in microwaveable trays starting at $10/per meal.

When Meal Delivery Isn’t Enough

While meal delivery services have plenty to offer older adults, it’s possible that a caregiver may be a better fit. For some seniors, it’s the idea of cooking and eating alone that bothers them most. If your parent isn’t eating their new meals, hire a caregiver to share a meal with them a few days a week and see if that helps.  

At Family Private Care, we offer in-home caregivers including Companions and Certified Nursing Aides, who are happy to help with meal preparation and serving. Mom or Dad will eat a balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs while having a companion to enjoy the food with!