Hospice Home Care is a philosophy of care that embraces comfort and self-respect at the end of life. It is a complete form of care, meaning that it addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the patient and their family.

Hospice Home Care is a Medicare benefit that has been shown to reduce medical intervention and frequent hospitalizations. It doesn’t prolong death, and it doesn’t advance it. Hospice instead improves the quality of life for the patient as they near the end of life, while offering valuable support and information for the family.

Some families feel strongly about when it’s the right time to schedule Hospice Home Care, while others are more hesitant. Let’s discuss many of the benefits to Hospice Home Care so that you can make an informed decision for your loved one.

Comprehensive Care

Hospice includes a team of professionals: physicians, social workers, nurses, home health aides, chaplains and volunteers. This helps the patient and their family get the personalized care that they need, as well as answers and support. This dynamic team also makes sure that no needs are left uncared for.

Continuous Care

The clock never stops on Hospice Home Care. Care is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Families always have access to care for their loved one, and patients never have to be left unattended. This means that caregivers can take the breaks they need while knowing that their loved one is cared for.

Reduced Expenses

Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance covers the cost of Hospice Home Care. Without it, families may be responsible for paying for medications, medical supplies and medical equipment.

Fewer Hospitalizations and Treatments

Hospice Home Care can avoid the need for unnecessary treatments and hospitalizations. When a patient is brought to the hospital, the goal is generally to ‘save’ the patient. However, when end of life is near and doesn’t need to be prolonged with medical intervention, Hospice Home Care is very valuable and will support the patient and family’s wishes.

Personalized, Thoughtful Care

Hospice focuses on the patient and their family. Their wishes are acknowledged and respected, and the patient’s comfort is always put first and foremost. Hospice is a scary word, but it brings much peace and support to families, and ensures that the patient is as comfortable as can be as they near the end of life.