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Home health care can be a confusing topic to understand, especially if you haven’t had time to research it. Some families are thrown into a situation where they need home health care for a loved one who has recently gone through surgery. Without knowing a lot about this type of care, common myths and misconceptions may be clouding your mind. Can you trust someone with your loved one’s care? Do you need to pay for these services out of pocket?

To address all of your concerns, it’s best to speak with a home health agency like Family Private Care. This way, your specific needs can be addressed. However, we will try to address the most common misconceptions that people have regarding home health care and what to expect for your loved one and family.

Myth #1. Caregivers can’t be trusted.

It’s best to work with a licensed agency that employs caregivers rather than hiring one independently. That’s not to say that independent caregivers are any less trustworthy, but you don’t have the same guarantees as you do when working with an agency. At Family Private Care, we take the time to match each client with the best caregiver. If the relationship doesn’t work out, we will always try someone else.

Myth #2. Home care is only for people who are very ill.

Medically necessary home care is for those who are ill or injured. The services include physical therapy, speech therapy, IV care, wound care and more. However, non-medical in-home care is available for seniors who need extra help and companionship in the home. This type of care is not covered by Medicare as medically necessary home care is, but it’s often a godsend for families.

Myth #3. Home care is expensive.

Medicare will cover some health care in the home. To use the home health benefit, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You’re under the care of a doctor
  • Your doctor certifies that you need intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language services or occupational therapy
  • The home health care agency serving you is certified by Medicare
  • You’re homebound
  • You’ve had face-to-face appointments with a doctor or nurse

Myth #4. Around-the-clock care is not available.

If your loved one needs around-the-clock care, this can be arranged. Family Private Care has skilled nursing care and live-in care that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services are generally scheduled around the person’s sleep-wake cycle.

Myth #5. Some care is too basic for home health services.

Your loved one will need to qualify for the home health care benefit, but there are no eligibility requirements to take advantage of Home Care. Many families use a home care agency for assistance with dressing and bathing. Some rely on them for companionship. With the flexible hours and wide range of services, home care covers all types of needs, even the most basic.

To learn more about Home Care, both medical and non-medical, contact Family Private Care today.