Fall is a beautiful time of the year! The weather is still warm, there’s enough sunlight to enjoy a full day outdoors and the changing color of the leaves is simply breathtaking. Even though many parts of the country see harsh winters, there is still much to be desired in the fall. Make the most of this season with your loved one by doing some of the following activities.

Fall Festivals

Pumpkin decorating contests, arts and crafts, apple cider donuts, hay rides – the list goes on! Fall festivals celebrate every aspect of the season. If your loved one is able to walk, bring them during an off-time where there won’t be as many people. Let them walk around the festival and get fresh air. Or, push them in a wheelchair – just be sure that the festival has the appropriate accommodations.

Apple/Berry Picking

Another fun activity is taking Mom or Dad apple or berry picking. There are plenty of small orchards or farms where you’re able to pick fresh fruits right off the trees and bushes. The nice thing about this activity is that you can encourage your parent to eat their fresh produce, or spend an afternoon baking apple pies or apple crisp.

Pumpkin Patches

If you don’t think that your parent is able to do a festival, consider a smaller pumpkin patch instead. Pumpkin patches are offered at many farms, so check for weekday hours where the crowds will be small. Your loved one will enjoy looking at all the pumpkins and animals. Pick out a pumpkin for them to bring home!

Arts and Crafts

Fresh air is important, but your parent also needs activities to keep them busy at home. There are plenty of arts and crafts centered around the fall, such as painting pumpkins or gluing leaves to a paper plate to make a wreath. This is also a nice opportunity to involve the grandkids.

Nature Walks

Fall is a wonderful time to take walks. The mornings and evenings are cool, and the afternoons are warm. Get your parent outdoors for fresh air and acknowledge the changing leaves. Try to pick new places to visit, which will keep Mom or Dad excited for new adventures. Fall offers some of the last good weather, so enjoy every last minute. This will make winter seem a little less long!