Question – My dad has had some critical needs come up with this hospitalization – but, he lives alone and wants to go home. What might your services provide to help my dad in his wish to return home instead of the other options?

This is a frequent request to our office and something we understand! There is truly “no place like home,” especially following something as difficult as a hospitalization. Your loved one wants to return to his place of comfort, healing, and privacy – while you want to make sure that his new or continuing needs are met. This often will require the additional support of services through the Medicare benefit of Home Health. However, it is important to know that these services through Medicare is provided in brief visits throughout the week – often leaving your father without care or oversight between visits.

It can often be helpful to have additional support through privately-hired Skilled Care and Homecare to ensure there are no gaps in his care, that his treatments are consistent, and his needs are met. Our Skilled Nursing Referral Services through Licensed Practicing Nurses and Registered Nurses can assist with wound, catheter, and tracheotomy care, IVs and injections, and managing medication. Our Certified Nursing Assistants can help with incontinence care, light housekeeping in his areas of care, social support, and assistance with his other hygiene and grooming needs. Once Home Health therapy services are complete, we also have privately-hired Physical Therapists who can work to continue progress in his therapy goals. It is often a combination of care that can best fit the needs of the individual like your dad and we can help your family to shape his care to ensure that his return and continued stay at home is as seamless and supported as possible.