The PCA Code of Ethics is a simple and straightforward commitment that every PCA member company makes to the Association, the member’s clients, and the industry at large.  We expect members to abide by the Code of Ethics and we expect all members’ business dealings, and the provision of care delivered under the auspices of our members’ companies, to be closely aligned with them:

  1. We will strive to maintain the integrity and quality control of our industry.
  2. We will support and protect the individual rights of our clients.
  3. We will promote those activities which are primarily consumer oriented.
  4. We will advocate quality health care with a secondary emphasis on cost effectiveness.
  5. We will pursue those research and educational activities that will increase the knowledge of all PCA affiliates on a national level relating to changes and advances affecting our business interests.
  6. We will strive to educate and work in conjunction with those in government in order to assist them in making effective decisions governing our Industry.