Deciding where your parents are going to live is a major decision that everyone needs to be on board with. Mom or Dad must feel good about living at home, while you and your adult siblings must be willing to check in on your parent throughout the week.

Since there is so much that goes into independent senior living, many families choose to place their loved ones in assisted living. Yet not all seniors want to be uprooted from their homes, their friends and their communities. They want the pride and freedom that comes with living independently.

Thankfully, seniors who want to remain in their homes are finding it easier and more possible due to advances in technology. A range of new products are available, and they are providing families with safety, security and peace of mind.

Let’s explore what some of this technology is and how it can benefit your family.

  • Digital pill dispensers. Seniors that take multiple pills a day can benefit from a digital pill dispenser. These dispensers are pre-filled and then dispensed at certain times of the day. They come with a range of options such as locked and unlocked compartments, audio reminders and the ability to make emergency calls. Check out MedMinder.
  • Personal emergency response systems. People don’t like admitting they need help, but today’s help buttons are more user-friendly than in years past. They can be worn discreetly around the neck or wrist and can distinguish between a fall and other types of movements.
  • Online multipurpose systems. Multipurpose systems are highly efficient when it comes to making sure your loved one is tending to their everyday needs. GrandCare is a program that tracks daily activity, including oxygen, blood pressure and weight. It even has an interactive touchscreen where family members can connect with each, share photos and organize medications.
  • Tablets and e-readers. For seniors who enjoy reading but can’t get to the library on a regular basis, a tablet or e-reader is the perfect alternative. With affordable books and magazines that are available for download, older adults can keep their minds stimulated.
  • GPS. The Global Positioning System (GPS) makes it possible for seniors to get around, particularly if they’re living in a new community. By connecting your devices, you can find out where Mom or Dad is at all times, too!
  • Transportation apps. Chances are, your loved one will want to leave the home at times. Thanks to transportation apps like or, they can! These ridesharing services are safe, affordable and reliable. They also help older adults remain independent and relieve some burden from caregivers.

From medication management to getting around town to organizing basic vitals, technology is making it easier for older adults to live safely and happily in their homes.