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Family Private Care, LLC is proud to offer several CEU courses at no charge as a give back to the Senior Home Care community. We would be happy to do a private CEU course for your staff at your facility. Please contact us to schedule a CEU for your team.
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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

[toggle title=”Overview” bgcolor=”” textcolor=”#0099cc” bordercolor=”#0099cc” opacity=””]Anyone who has experienced discharging patients from the hospital to home is familiar with those extra complicated cases that make your head spin. Complex cases generally include multiple serious illnesses and/or complex social factors. Successful discharges are no small feat; they involve a thorough assessment, strong team work between healthcare professionals across care settings, and follow-through. Failing to plan for and meet all of the patient’s needs can lead to poor health outcomes including unnecessary hospital readmissions, as well as a loss of valuable healthcare resources. In this presentation, participants will learn how to identify factors that affect the risk of unplanned, unnecessary readmissions. They will then have the opportunity to tackle case scenarios involving complex discharges from hospital to home and to collaborate with group members on strategies for planning and implementing successful discharges from hospital to home. Participants will also learn about valuable community resources available to help their patients have successful transitions from the hospital to home. [/toggle][toggle title=”Objectives” bgcolor=”” textcolor=”#0099cc” bordercolor=”#0099cc” opacity=””]By the end of the presentation, the attendee will be able to:
1. Identify at least three factors that affect the risk of unplanned, unintended readmissions.
2. Name three community resources available to help patients transition from hospital to home. [/toggle]