People get excited to welcome a new year because they look at it as a time of change and improvement. Most of us have some resolutions that we hope for in the New Year, even if we don’t say them out loud. Maybe you found yourself hoping for better care for your loved one in the coming year and less caregiving responsibilities for yourself.

Caregiving is tough work, and most people don’t sign up for the job. Instead, they end up falling into the role because their parents need them and they may be the only child in a position to help. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you’re the only child who lives near your parents or you don’t have a full-time job, leaving more time for caregiving duties. Whatever the reason may be, caregiving is something that shouldn’t be done alone.

Now that it’s a new year, it’s time to sit down and look at ways you can improve your current situation. Most aging adults strongly prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible. If your parent is comfortable living at home but still requires care, professional in-home care may be a perfect solution.

What is Professional In-Home Care?

As the name implies, Professional In-Home Care is personal, one-on-one care provided by a professional caregiver. It can be scheduled on a regular basis, ensuring that your loved one is cared for when you can’t be there. In-home help is beneficial for caregivers and families in all types of situations, whether they’re busy working full-time careers, raising children, or live out of state.

In-home care comes in all different forms. It could involve skilled nursing where the caregiver helps with bathing, dressing, nutrition, hydration, medication adherence. It can be used to help a senior lead an independent lifestyle, assisting with cleaning, doing laundry and running errands. Other services are purely for companionship, which is perfect if your loved one is in good physical health but spends their days alone.

Starting the Process

The best thing to do is start talking to home care agencies, tell them about your situation, and ask them about the solution each would recommend. You can also advertise and hire independent caregivers. Excellent caregivers can be found in both ways, but the advantages of using an agency include caregivers are screened, background checked, credentials & qualifications verified. Also, if a caregiver can’t make it for the day, another one will be sent. Finally, if a caregiver is not the right fit, the agency will match another caregiver to your loved one.

As you get more comfortable with the thought of hiring a caregiver, you’ll see that there are many wonderful people in the world who will be excellent companions for your loved one. If you’re not ready to hire in-home help, at least consider respite care. These services can be used on an as-needed basis when you need a break.

It’s a new year, time for a new you. In-home help and respite care can improve your life without compromising care for your loved one.