It’s hard to be a caregiver in the winter when cold and flu season is active and activities are limited. From board games to arts and crafts to indoor exercises, most activities are centered around the indoors. But now that summer is here, you have a whole new assortment of activities that open up. Below are some summer-friendly activities for you to share with a loved one and get the most out of summer.

  • Catch a game. Baseball is probably the most popular summer sport, and your loved one will feel right at home watching a game. It’s America’s pastime after all. You don’t have to take them to an exhausting major league game, either. Check out the minor league teams in your area or even a club team that a grandchild plays on.
  • Visit a local museum. There is no shortage of museums in the Atlanta area. Between history museums, art museums and cultural museums, you can spend a day exploring artifacts that your loved one is interested in.
  • Sign up for a computer class. Seniors are never too old to learn the computer. In fact, computer literacy is linked to higher rates of confidence and independence. Sign your loved one up for a beginner’s computer class at the local library.
  • Check the senior center. Many senior centers perk up their activities in the summer, knowing that more people will be signing up for them. Most programs are free or affordable and include art, music and theater.
  • Work in the garden. If you have a garden, invite your loved one over to help you. They will love being needed, and they can help with weeding, picking and shelling. Plus, being around fresh fruits and veggies may inspire healthier eating.
  • Visit a farmers market. Another way to encourage healthy eating is to visit the local farmers market. If your loved one has the opportunity to pick through fresh, seasonal goodies, they’ll be more likely to eat them.
  • Go swimming. Swimming is one of the best activities for seniors, especially aquatic therapy. It relaxes the muscles and improves function and mobility. Look into classes that are available over the summer. It’s a great way to beat the while staying active.