By Katie Tantillo, MS

Chief Operation Officer


As we enter the Spring season, we welcome the warmer weather, longer days, and renewed sense of life and growth. What we don’t welcome is the inevitable spring cleaning that typically comes during the next few weeks. Putting away all the winter clothing, bringing out the deck furniture, and having to mow the grass again. All these tasks can feel overwhelming for most of us but imagine the senior in your life who might have to manage these tasks alone or cannot manage at all due to chronic conditions, eyesight, or age.

We’ve accumulated a list of the ways in which you can help that senior in your life with ushering in this new season:

  • Work with your loved one to go through their closet, setting aside the heavy winter sweaters, coats and shoes. Place these items in storage bins or dedicated closets in the home.
  • Move light weight clothes and warmer weather outfits to the main closet, where they can be easily accessed.
  • This is a good time to look at footwear, making sure your loved one still has shoes that fit well and are comfortable.
  • Help your loved one decorate their home, if they want to- if they have seasonal knickknacks they like to put out, help them do it!
  • Deck furniture- if your loved one has an outdoor space and needs help bringing out the wicker furniture or summer cushions, help them set it up. Don’t put out more furniture than they will use (think strategically about how it will have to be put away later) so unless it’s necessary, don’t bring it out.
  • Lawn maintenance- this is an area that so many seniors struggle with! If your loved one enjoys working in the yard, let them continue to do this as long as they are able. It is good for all of us to get sunlight and fresh air. But, if they can no longer manage the yard upkeep, think of ways you can help.
    • Can you mow the grass for them?
    • If you aren’t able to mow their lawn, can you hire a yard service who will do it for them?
    • If finances are an issue, check with the local church- many churches have yard maintenance programs for seniors who can’t manage it anymore.

Spring is truly a fresh new start for all of us! One way we can help those seniors in our lives is by making sure they are prepared and ready in practical, tangible ways. Helping our loved ones allows us the opportunity to spend time with them, which is wonderful in any season.

Did you know that Family Private Care can provider housekeepers to assist with your spring cleaning? Give us a call if we can be of assistance.