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Do you need someone to drive your loved one to doctor’s appointments and errands?

When your parent can no longer drive themselves around, you have the option to hire a caregiver. Some caregivers drive their own vehicles, and others will use your loved one’s vehicle. There are pros and cons to both, and this is just one of many things to consider before hiring a caregiver.

Let’s take a look at some helpful tips as you go about hiring a caregiver to transport your senior loved one.

Ask About Their Driving History

Before letting anyone drive around an older adult, make sure you know who they are. Are they a safe, responsible driver? Is there anything on their driving record to be concerned about? Do they have any experience driving around seniors?

When you’ve cleared the history, get information on the vehicle your loved one will be traveling in, as well as a copy of the driver’s license of the driver. Working through a caregiving agency is helpful, as all the details will be handled for you. You don’t have to worry about placing an ad, interviewing candidates and verifying driving records.

Ask Situational Questions

A great way to learn about the nature of the driver is by asking them situational questions, or questions about how they would handle certain situations if they were to come up. For instance, what would the caregiver do if your loved one had to use the bathroom? How would they handle your mom if she unbuckled her seat belt or refused to get in the car?

The purpose of asking situational questions is to get a better understanding of how the person might react to your loved one. Some people do better with stern caregivers while others need more patience and gentle language. Choose a caregiver who responds in a way that you feel comfortable with.

Go for a Test Drive

There’s no better way to determine if a caregiver is the right fit than by going for a test drive. Have the caregiver take your loved one to a place they visit often, such as the grocery store or pharmacy. Pay attention to the way the person drives and whether or not your loved one feels comfortable.

Now is also a good time to discuss your rules. You may not want your parent out at night or have any other people in the car, unless they are approved by you. Also, be very clear about your expectations about not using a mobile phone while driving or running their own errands. Again, working with a caregiving agency is helpful because all caregivers have strict rules they must follow.