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Are you considering traveling with your senior loved one? It may feel overwhelming to add another person to your already-full trip, but including a parent or grandparent in your travels can be a wonderful idea. Always get permission from a doctor first, as you want to make sure that your loved one is healthy enough to travel. As long as they want to come and you are up for taking them, you can enjoy a summer of lifelong memories!

Benefits of Traveling with Seniors

You are probably thinking of all the things that can go wrong on your travels, but no one would ever go on vacation if they only thought about the negatives! Instead, consider all of the benefits to taking your loved one with you.

  • Fewer what-ifs. Rather than worrying about all the what-ifs – What if Mom isn’t eating? What if Dad wanders away? – you can put your mind at ease. Your loved one will be with you, so you don’t have to waste energy calling home or worrying about what could be happening.


  • Strengthen bonds. If you’re used to caring for your parent or grandparent, taking a short getaway is an excellent way to renew these bonds. Enjoy a few meals out or a picnic on the beach. Now is the time to separate yourself from caregiving duties and focus on your relationship.


  • Create new memories. Bringing a loved one along on your vacation will surely create new memories for your family to share. If the kids are always busy and rarely spend quality time with Grandma, a summer getaway is just the thing to bridge the generational gaps.


  • Check things off a bucket list. Is there a place Mom has always wanted to go? An activity Dad has always dreamt of doing? People often miss out on things during their adult years because they are busy working and raising families. Perhaps you could cross something off your parent’s bucket list?

Making Travel Possible

Maybe you want to bring your loved one along and you value the benefits to doing so. However, you cannot do it alone. In this case, invite a care provider to join your travels. It’s the best of both worlds: you get to enjoy a vacation with your loved one and they receive quality care from a trained, professional caregiver. Also, short-term caregivers know how to ensure a smooth and successful trip, such as making accommodations at the airport, bathing/dressing in the hotel and taking medications at the appropriate times.

Let Family Private Care help you select short-term help to make your next vacation one to remember!