When the cold weather lifts and the first signs of spring appear, it’s only natural to want to spend more time outdoors.

But what are some of the springtime activities that you can enjoy with your elderly loved one?

Is it worth getting them outdoors, even with their limitations?


Fresh air and sunshine are essential to good health. Vitamin D improves the mood and well-being, and getting outdoors promotes physical activity, which is good for flexibility, agility and strength. Participating in spring activities also encourages your loved one to interact with others and pursue new hobbies, preventing senior isolation.

Below we’ve listed some activities that are good for seniors. Hopefully you can find something that will interest your loved one!

Planting and Gardening

Come May, you can begin planting flowers. Not only will your loved one enjoy a bit of digging, but also they can watch the flowers grow. This is fun in itself!

You may also consider planting a vegetable garden that can encourage your loved one to try new foods. Vegetables like cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes are fairly easy to plant and care for.

If your parent has a hard time getting outdoors, plant a small herb garden and keep it in their window. They can use the herbs to season their foods or give to others as gifts.

Hiking and Bird Watching

If they aren’t open already, most parks officially open in the spring. Many are wheelchair accessible and have bathrooms and other amenities on site.

Review the trails in advance and pick one or two to take your loved one on. They will enjoy getting out and seeing the blooming flowers, sprouting trees and vibrant wildlife.

Birds are especially abundant at this time of the year, so bring along a bird book and pair of binoculars for bird watching fun.

Spring Cleaning and Organizing

After the holidays and winter season, a lot of clutter builds up. Whether your loved one resides in their home or assisted living, take some time to clean and organize their space.

Open the windows and air out the place. Clean overlooked areas like blinds, windows and area rugs. Get rid of clutter as well as things that haven’t been used in the past year. Have bins for donating ready to go to make the process easier.

Also consider spring-ing up the place by hanging a spring wreath and other decor in your parent’s home.

It’s no surprise that spring is a popular season for many people, especially seniors who have been cooped up all winter long. Make it a priority to get outdoors for the season and enjoy quality time with your loved one!