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Some people are surprised to learn that there is a difference between assisted living and independent living. The reason for the confusion is because many senior living facilities now offer both assisted and independent living services in the same building. Some seniors start off living independently and then move to assisted living where they can get more help with daily activities.

Let’s learn more about these two types of living arrangements and the benefits to each.

  • Independent living. Independent living is a great option for older adults who can live on their own but enjoy having access to help when needed. Independent living facilities provide their residents with access to dining, medical care, entertainment and more. Housekeeping services, meals and laundry are usually offered for an extra cost.
  • Assisted living. Assisted living is good for seniors who need help with daily activities such as cleaning, laundry and preparing meals. Seniors in assisted living can still lead an independent life, but support is available. Housekeeping and meals are typically included with assisted living, but some other services (i.e., medication management, help with showering) may cost extra.

When is Independent or Assisted Living an Option?

Not all older adults age in the same way, but generally speaking, the pattern looks like this. A senior remains in the home for as long as they can, usually because this is what they want and it’s the most cost effective option. As families see their loved one needs a little “extra”, they either hire an in-home care provider or are moved to a senior living facility.

Assisted living and independent living facilities assess residents before placing them. Those who live in the independent housing are, for the most part, completely independent. Those who are placed in assisted living need more help from the start. No matter how the individual progresses, there will be services there to support these needs.

Because assisted living centers are a major investment, many families do try to keep their loved ones in their homes for as long as possible. There is no right or wrong decision – it’s about choosing what is right for your loved one and your family. The most important part is that your loved one is receiving the right care for their needs.

To learn more about the private senior home services offered by Family Private Care, call us today. We’re able to help many older adults remain in their homes while giving them the care and attention they deserve.