Home care is a wonderful option for patients and their families who require a helping hand with everyday tasks or more involved duties like medication or toileting. This patient-centered care provides independence, comfort and safety to seniors when they need it the most, which is why many families work toward providing their loved one with some level of private care. Let’s discuss the top five reasons why choosing home care is best for your loved one.

1. Home care is safe

Many of the risks that occur in nursing homes are eliminated in private home care. There is less sickness and infection right off the bat, but there are other safety issues that are reduced as well. Since the care is personalized, your loved one will be watched carefully for dizzy spells or reactions from medication. Safety and security is everything, and knowing that your loved one is safe is invaluable.

2. Home care allows for independence and freedom

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy your senior years in the comfort of your home. Your loved one will appreciate this, too, and they can continue with the schedule that suits them. In-home care will help with cleaning, cooking and transportation, but your loved one will maintain their independence, which in turns leads to self-confidence.

3. Home care is personalized

Nursing home care can be high-quality, but it’s hard to make it personalized when the staff is caring for many people at once. With home care, your loved one will be treated as an individual and will have their personal needs met. This patient-centered care will allow your loved one to thrive as well.

4. Home care relieves burden from the family

It can be tiring and time-consuming to care for your loved one, no matter how many people are sharing the role. Having private care relieves some of this burden. Family can have the day off or take a short break from their duties to refresh their energy and mood. Caregivers need care, too, so don’t be afraid to use home care for yourself as well.

5. Home care is comfortable

Most people prefer to stay in their home; it’s comfortable, familiar and safe. Instead of having to uproot your loved one or make a big change at a difficult age, home care maintains the comfort level and enables your family member to continue enjoying the things they love most.