Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops from cells located in the mesothelium, which is a protective lining that covers many of the organs inside our bodies. While mesothelioma is most commonly caused from exposure to asbestos, not all people exposed to asbestos know about it. It is even believed that washing a person’s clothes with asbestos on it is enough to create cell mutations. The symptoms of mesothelioma include shortness of breath, fatigue, chest wall pain and weight loss.

A diagnosis of mesothelioma is very grim, which is why survivors of the cancer truly feel as if they are getting a second chance at life. By watching the video below, you will learn about Heather Von St. James, a wife and mother who was diagnosed with mesothelioma. She was in the prime of her life, ready to raise her baby, when she was feeling fatigued and run down.

When Heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a wall came crashing down. Heather realized that her exposure came from the type of work that her father did. She would wear his coats around that were covered with drywall, and unbeknownst to her, asbestos. Heather was lucky enough to have a great team of doctors who were able to provide a rigorous treatment.

Watch Heather’s story and take note of her optimistic attitude when faced with a devastating diagnosis.

Mesothelioma: Heather’s Story


Heather’s story is like others who have been diagnosed with cancer. She is lucky to be a survivor and to share her courage and support with others, but that doesn’t mean she can erase what happened. There are always unique struggles for cancer survivors, but the important piece of the puzzle is having the community come together to offer exceptional medical care and support and understanding for loved ones, just as Heather’s family did for her daughter.

During times of illness, home care can be a wonderful option that can ease the burden for the patient and their family. Home care is completely optional for families, so you can request a schedule that accommodates your particular situation and helps you get through a troubling time.