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Private home care has received a lot more attention over the years as more seniors are requiring care yet still want to maintain their independence. This leaves families asking whether or not private home care is affordable. The general opinion is that private care is very costly and not something that the average family can take on. However, family private care can be affordable, especially with the safety, security and peace of mind it provides.

Consider this example. Jennifer has been growing concerned over her mother’s mental health. Although not diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, Jennifer’s mother has been rather forgetful and not keeping on top of daily tasks. With a full-time job and teenagers in the home, Jennifer doesn’t have much time on her hands, and she wishes that she had someone who could cook and freeze meals and clean the home for her mother.

Jennifer is surprised to learn that for about $600 a month, she can hire a caregiver who will cook and clean for her mother, plus provide some companionship twice a week, eight hours total. Working with an agency, Jennifer is assured that the caregiver has been screened, and this new arrangement has brought peace of mind to everyone in the family.

Some people need more than a few hours a week, however. Steve’s father has been deteriorating both physically and mentally, but he refuses to leave his home. Steve thinks the only option is to put his father in a very expensive assisted living facility, until he finds that for about $6,000 a month, he can have around-the-clock care while allowing his father to live in the home.

With this arrangement, Steve’s father will have a live-in nursing assistant who will provide all duties, including bathing, dressing, shaving, toileting, walking assistance, meal planning, medication reminders and other tasks. A nurse also makes routine checks. Steve’s father is now receiving personalized, around-the-clock care at his home for less than an assisted living facility.

Private care can also be provided on a short-term or as-needed basis. While private care won’t fit every situation, it should always be considered as a relevant option. Many people are surprised to learn that this type of personalized care is actually more affordable than assisted living, and it offers unique benefits that ultimately increase the quality of life for everyone involved.