Family Private Care is proud to register some of the finest caregivers around.   What makes a great caregiver?  These individuals are selfless and go the extra mile to make their clients feel cared for and loved.  They view what they do as a calling, not merely a way to pay the bills.  They treat clients as family.  We exist to connect great caregivers with clients in need.

What does it take to become a great caregiver? Really, it’s all about having a heart for others. Truly caring about the well-being of another human being. These compassionate individuals have experience with a variety of skills including taking blood pressure, bathing, safely transporting patients, infection control, nutrition, and how to handle emergencies.

Other than training and experience, caregivers must:

– Have a current CPR certification and a TB skin test.

– Have current auto insurance and driver’s license.

– Have a background check because patient safety is critical.

Family Private Care is always looking for reliable and dependable caregivers to match with clients who need the best of care.   If you feel led to serve others in this way, don’t delay – contact us today!