Today we received a letter of recommendation for Esther, a caregiver working with Family Private Care. We just had to share this with you and send our deepest appreciation to Esther, and also to Harry and Frankie for sharing!

January 6, 2012

In May of 2011 my wife, Frankie, was diagnosed with lung cancer and immediately started Chemo treatments. After only two weeks of Chemo treatments, Frankie fell and injured her back and was confined to bed for 14 weeks. It was during this time that we realized that we needed some family help so that there would be someone to stay with Frankie during those times when I had to be out of the house. We decided to contact somebody for supplying in-house help and we chose Family Private Care because a friend of ours had used them during her illness and was very satisfied with the service.

After an interview with the management of Family Private Care, Esther was referred to us as our in-house Family Care person. When Esther came into my life it was like welcoming a long-time friend. She turned out to be pleasant, had a superior command of the English language and was well qualified for in-house care of a sick person.

After we got to know Esther, it turned out that she is an expert practitioner of family care. Since my wife was confined to the bed, it was important that somebody be there to help her whenever she needed assistance and Esther would sit at the bedside for hours talking with my wife to help her keep her mind off her immediate problems with the Chemo treatment. In addition, she fixed meals for my wife, assisted her in changing clothes, and attended to other housekeeping items like doing the laundry and ironing.

In case the reader is not familiar with the problems involved with Chemo treatment for cancer, they involve nausea, diarrhea, constipation, lack of appetite and depression. And it is extremely important that the family care practitioner understand these things so that she can help the patient achieve a cheerful attitude. And I want to emphasize very clearly that Esther was expert in helping Frankie get through the day and everything else that she did for us.

In summary, I can say that my wife Frankie and I both feel that Esther did everything we needed her to do and then some and did it all with a pleasant attitude and a friendly manner. Should we ever need family care assistance again, Esther would absolutely be our first choice.


Harry (Marietta, Georgia)