All over the country there are older family members who struggle to perform everyday activities and there are others who help them complete these daily tasks. This assistance helps them remain independent, stay healthy and happy. Some who help are family members and some are hired professionals in the field of Elder Home Care. Whoever it is, they need to be thanked for their commitment to very important work.

Is there someone in your life who would love a thank you? Check out this article on 10 Ways to Thank a Caregiver on the website.

Family Private Care, a professional placement organization based in Georgia and Alabama, took the opportunity recently to recognize caregivers who have been registered with them for 5 years or more. Tony Plummer, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are so grateful for their loyal service to their clients.”

Please join Family Private Care in honoring those who serve by giving a shout out to the following:

Ginger, LPN, 5 years of service
Suzie Butler, office manager, presents her with a Certificate of Appreciation.
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Elizabeth, CNA, 6 years of service. “Her client loves her!”
Tony Plummer, CEO, presents her with a Certificate of Appreciation.
Laura, CNA, 7 years of service. “Laura served the very first
client FPC referred in Atlanta!”
Tabetha, CNA, 6 years of service. “Tabetha has been providing excellent care for six years! Her clients brag about her quality of care.
Sheila, CNA, 7 years of service. “Everywhere Sheila goes, someone is touched by her compassion and care.” Pam Kell, Referral Coordinator, presents her with a
Certificate of Appreciation.

CNA’s not pictured: Dorrent, Mary and Regis, all who received recognition for five years of service. “They are loved by their clients and make a remarkable difference wherever they go.”

As Family Private Care thanks all their caregivers registered inBirmingham,Alabama, and Atlanta,Georgia, let’s tip our hats to the caregivers in our lives.