The holiday season is a time that can be especially stressful for families with an elderly loved one who is dependent on a caregiver. Case in point: Mom lives at a nursing home or assisted living facility and she loves it there. But, she wants to come home for the day on Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, or New Years. The joy of being home for the holidays is unmistakable, regardless of our age or health.

Getting mom (or dad) home for the holiday can be a stressful task. Which sibling will pick her up? Who will get her ready? Who will attend to her Personal Home Care while she is at home? Because while we desperately want to be with our loved one, we want to be able to enjoy our time with her and not be exclusively focused on caring for her.

One viable option that many families have chosen over the years is to hire a professional caregiver to bring mom home, stay with her for the day, attend to her personal needs, and then bring her back to her home at her retirement community.

Many families have called Family Private Care over the years to inquire about this service. They generally share the same concern; am I normal for considering this type of help? Am I letting mom down by hiring outside help to assist her for the day?

After they holiday is over, Family Private Care is accustomed to hearing back from the families we have served, telling us how wonderful it was to be able to enjoy the thrill of the holiday without focusing on mom’s Personal Home Care. They tell us they will call us again for the next holiday. And they usually do!

It is a joy for Family Private Care to help make your family’s holiday more joyful, memorable, and happy as your elderly loved ones are near.

This is also a great gift certificate idea…why not give this gift to a family you know who has a loved one that would love to come home for the holiday? Surprisingly affordable, and wonderfully received!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season, filled with happiness and warm memories.