Sociologists have proven that staying at home as we age is great for our mental health but what happens when physical limitations make staying home a challenge? Sometimes all that’s needed is a few modifications to give someone the best chance for staying home.

As we age, our bodies tend to weaken while our eyesight and reaction times slows. These factors can lead to falls or other accidents. In light of this, it may be time to assess your living space to determine what is needed.  Don’t wait until an accident has happened to do it. According to “It is highly recommended that a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) . . . be brought in to assess what changes may need to be made to the home.” In partnership with AARP, 50+ Housing Council and National Association of Home Builders, CAPS provides “reliable means of identifying the professionals [seniors] can trust to remodel their homes.”

Even before hiring a professional, however, take a walk around your home while using your best logic and imagine what could become a challenge in the future if your abilities become compromised. Click here for a great list of things you might want to assess at home.

Here are a few thoughts to get you started. One of the easiest rooms to quickly make a difference is the bathroom. Wet tubs and showers can pose a slipping hazard. Cover the surface with non-slip mats or sticker appliqués to provide traction.

Next, consider putting in grab bars around the commode and bath to assist with mobility. You can find information about installing grab bars here but you may want to hire a professional for the safest and best placement.

These inexpensive treatments can save a lot of money over costly medical bills if an accident should occur. Begin with them but continue looking into whether other renovations are needed.  If you need financial assistance for more complicated or costly renovations, click here for help.