October 2021

Since our beginning in 1997, Family Private Care Services has been through several significant “world events.” Y2K (the beginning of the year 2000), then the terror attacks on 9/11/01 followed by a recession. Then, the Great Recession some years later was a major test for many small businesses. Regulatory changes continue to test us again and again to be flexible and  meet the new challenges. Most recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has been the greatest test of a generation.

FPCS has weathered these tests and has come through all of these crises to be even better on the other side. We have learned, grown and adapted; this latest challenge has been no different. While this crisis has thrown many challenges our way, we’ve been able to bend and not break.  We have stayed true to our commitment of superior service and family first. FPCS views a crisis or problem as an opportunity to be stronger and better!

Many people have asked us “what is the key to our success”? “What makes us able to withstand all these tests and come through wiser and kinder than we went in”? I think it’s pretty simple: It’s our TEAM! I sincerely believe we have the best team in our industry….hands down! It is their commitment to quality service that is at the heart of our success. Our registries are blessed to represent the best Care Providers in the industry.

We could not have survived all of these events without our clients.  They have gone through this pandemic with us and have been so supportive, kind and helpful. We appreciate the opportunity to serve each of you!

So today, we pause to thank all the people who have helped make our journey a success. We remain optimistic for the future and focused on providing the best service in the industry.

If we can be of service, give us a call!

With my best regards,

Tony Plummer