If you ask most people to describe their idea of what in-home private care is, they will respond that it is to help the elderly and their caregivers. Of course, that is the majority of clients who are served but did you know that people of all ages with disabilities, medical conditions and other challenges along with their caregivers are also helped by in-home care?

With a rise in conditions such as autism and other developmental issue, the number of family members who become primary caregivers is rising and therefore so is the number of them who need a break. With so many elements involved in caring for a disabled family member, they are always on their toes and exerting tons of physical and emotional energy.

Family member caregivers need to do the following every day:

·        Perform multiple tasks from simple to complex for their disabled loved one

·        Understand and manage a wide range of emotions

·        Reduce their own stress and try to prevent exhaustion

·        Deal with education/school issues if they have disabled children

·        Comprehend and solve complicated financial issues (source)

This is no easy task and it is where companies like Family Private Care can help by linking families in need with competent, loving caregivers. This type of respite can be arranged for as little as one hour every-so-often to as much as 24 hour live-in care. According to Eric Feigenbaum, eHow Contributor “Parents need a break from their caretaking activities to rest and relax. Otherwise, stress and fatigue continue to build and make them unhappy and less effective as parents. (Source) The same is surely true for caregivers of older disabled family members.

If you are someone who is caring for a disabled family member, maybe it is time to consider a little assistance.