Happy Holidays! Do you have an elderly loved one who requires some or even full-time care? Is one of your loved ones their primary caregiver?  Who buys their groceries, gets their meds and takes them to the doctor?  I have noticed in many families there is one sibling who carries the bulk of the care. Is that true in your situation? If so, I want to encourage you to support and encourage that caregiver. When purchasing gifts consider being generous to them to show your appreciation for the care they provide.  Ask the care provider what you can do to support them.

Ask yourself what would you do if they were not there to care for your loved one? Often families just “accept”’ that one sibling will do the caring because they live closest, are a medical professional or are just better suited to be a care provider. There is nothing wrong with that, but it cannot be an excuse to not do your part or be supportive.

Family caregivers are a lifesaver for millions of seniors. Be generous and thoughtful this holiday season and most of all, express your gratitude to these angels of care!