Season’s Greetings! I often hear people say they have no idea what to get their elderly loved one for Christmas, or any other special event for that matter. So, I thought it would be fun to give some gift suggestions.

Gift card to their grocery and pharmacy. Practical and great for those on a fixed income.

A basket of some of their favorite foods.

Echo dot – this is so great once set up they can really seek info they have on their mind and music.

Digital picture frame. Load this with family pictures or pictures of their travels.

Membership to GoGo Grandparent – a Lyft service for seniors.

Tickets to a concert.

A cleaning service gift card.

Subscription to home meal delivery service.

A lovely plant for their room.

Bird feeder set up right outside their window.

Have fun and be creative. Most of all let them know they are loved! We never know how long our elderly family will be with us and we should take every advantage to enjoy the time we have with them.