Many people work their entire lives working toward the golden promise of retirement. Some even have retirement “countdown clocks” that number the remaining days of one’s career. In fact, there is a growing movement of FIRE folks, whose goal is to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early.


Yet, when retirement finally comes, it often isn’t the golden parachute we’ve come to expect it to be. Either we get bored, sit around too much and start to physically (and perhaps mentally) fall apart. Or we get busy doing “stuff” around the house that doesn’t really need done and we find we need direction in our life. We begin searching for a purpose again in our life and for a way to contribute to the community around us.


Some retirees have chosen to join the noble calling of caring for senior citizens who can no longer care for themselves. Think about it: is there a higher calling than to care for another human in their time of need? And that is precisely what companions and caregivers do. They help aging adults with grocery shopping, meal prep, companionship, socialization (enjoy playing cards or board games?) medication reminders and more. Caregivers can also help with ambulation, fall precautions, assistance with toileting, bathing, hair care and other assistance with daily living needs.


You may be thinking, “I’m not a retired RN or LPN. I don’t have a medical background.” Many of the great companions and caregivers didn’t have a medical background when they became a caregiver. In fact, one of the companions I remember from years ago was a retired stockbroker. He didn’t need to work, but he wanted to make a difference. His clients LOVED him and he became a highly requested caregiver. He could talk about topics that most of us wouldn’t know much about, but some of his clients thrived on.


You may not be a retired stockbroker, and you may in fact need the additional income. (Who doesn’t during these times of high inflation and a tough stock market?) Becoming a companion or caregiver isn’t as difficult as you may think. Family Private Care can guide you through the process and help you get started in your second act! You can make a life-changing difference in the lives of older adults and earn some income while doing it.


In 25 years of being in the home care isna, we have never seen such a high demand for caregivers. The labor shortage that seems to have touched every facet of life has impacted the health care industry and home care. You could be the key to making the difference in an aging adult!


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P.S. We’re not sure if postscripts are still a thing, but whether they are or aren’t, you should know that many homemakers whose children are growing up enough that mom or dad is thinking about getting a part time job…this could be perfect for you! We’ve had caregivers from the age of 18 to 80+ who are wonderful companions and make a real and lasting difference for seniors. So even if you haven’t retired, this remains a noble profession that you can join and start giving wonderful care to those who need it.