As our loved one, or we ourselves, starts to move deeper into the “Golden Years” it is time to research safe living environments. It is important to have a place where we can get the assistance with everyday living activities and simply doing what is best and can meet the needs for us.

Many resources are available to help you answer the many questions you may have.  Below is a table that includes a general comparison of the options available with Home Care and many Senior Living Communities. Of course various Home Care organizations and Senior Living Communities vary in their services. This is designed to help you understand the general differences between Home Care and many Senior Living Communities.

Both options can be a great fit for seniors, so it is important to weigh the “pros and cons” to determine which living environment is right for the situation at hand.  The most important thing to remember is Family Private Care is here to help you navigate the many resources available to help a senior age. Whether your decision is Home Care or a Senior Living Community, let us help connect you to the many options that are available.  Family Private Care will do what is right for the family! Below is a general comparison of home care and assisted living; please note that not every assisted living is the same and many offer various programs.

Description of services Home Care Assisted Living
 Constant one on one care Yes Generally not available
Care tailored to needs and preferences Yes Harder to implement with multiple caregivers
Bath/Shower when ready Yes Based on communities’ availability
Maintain your own schedule Yes Based on communities’ availability
Choice in the meals you eat Yes Very difficult to offer Gluten free and vegan options
Stay in own environment with all belongings/age in place Yes Change of environment required
Keep your pets Yes Some allow pets
Continued Privacy Yes In your personal apartment
Able to see your loved one at anytime Yes Yes, unless CDC suggests no visitation
Live-In services available Yes Limited
Family can be more involved in loved one’s care Yes Yes
First step in continuation of care Yes Additional moves may be needed
Choice of other health care providers Yes Cannot choose staff at the community, but communities are generally great
Move from one place to another as care needs increase Generally yes
Turnover of managers/owners More common with communities, but some have long-term management
Build relationship with one care provider Yes May change with needs of the community
Flexibility in care arrangements/scheduling Yes May change with needs of the community
Continued frequent safety checks Yes If needed
Costs increase as needs increase Some now offer “all-inclusive pricing”
Tier costs causing confusion Sometimes
Skilled nursing care Yes If needed, would generally be from 3rd party provider
Assistance with transfers Yes Subjective to regulations of community and state guidelines
Veteran’s Aid and Attendance & LTCI can assist with reimbursements Yes Yes
Total cost generally tax deductible as a medical expense Yes (check with your accountant, of course) Can be limited to percentages