If your loved one is expressing concern about moving to assisted living and would rather remain in their home, you may want to consider senior home care. In-home care gives you the peace of mind that your loved one is comfortable at home and receiving personalized, compassionate care.

Let’s take a look at the benefits to senior home care and whether it’s right for your parent.

Better Health Care

If your loved one is sick with a chronic or acute illness, it’s important that they receive the right nutrition, medication, rest and medical supervision. This is hard to do if they live in an assisted living facility where there are many patients. In their own home, your loved one will be kept comfortable and receive personalized attention that will help them get better sooner.

Increased Independence

Once a senior transfers to a nursing home environment, they lose a great deal of freedom. If your parent shows interest in wanting to do things for themselves, they’ll appreciate what senior home care can do for them. They can remain in the comfort of their home where they can maintain their privacy and dignity while still getting the help they need to thrive.

Reasonably Priced

Many families are concerned about the cost of senior home care, and rightfully so. If your parent is on a fixed income, the cost of any type of care needs to be carefully considered. In-home care is surprisingly affordable compared to assisted living or nursing home care, and it increases the least amount each year compared to other types of care.

More Companionship

Research shows that for people living with chronic illness or disability, remaining in the home can be the best option for physical and mental well-being. The trouble is that they risk senior isolation. If you feel your loved one is at risk for isolation, companionship services will help significantly. Several times a week, a caregiver can visit your parent and spend valuable time with them by doing crafts, playing a game or talking.

Reduced Stress

A final benefit to consider is the stress that will be reduced on your end. Your parent may need more of your time, but you may not have much to give between work and running a household. Senior home care takes some of this burden from you and grants you the peace of mind that your parent is being cared for.

We hope that this has helped you understand the many benefits to senior home care and whether it’s the right choice for your loved one.