A companion is someone who “goes along with” someone else. If we’re lucky we have many companions in our life journey: family, friends, teachers, neighbors and co-workers. Sometimes for the elderly and aging, the number of people near and dear can dwindle, leaving them isolated. This can lead to depression and can interfere with their ability to function safely and effectively at home. If that is happening to you or someone you love, it might be time to enlist senior companion care.

In general, companion care is someone who helps a friend, family member or client carry out daily tasks for living, manage social commitments, run a household, and assist with light duties for business, to name a few. The list of those who might benefit from companion care includes individuals who are disabled or are recovering from surgery or an illness.

Add senior to the title and you have someone who focuses on the specific needs of the elderly. In an article posted to HeathWorks Collective, Melody Wilding says, Companion care is “about providing seniors with emotional support and encouragement to stay as healthy as possible. It’s designed for seniors who are generally healthy and who want to remain independent at home.”

Since companions have regular contact with their clients, they offer a lifeline to family members. “These non-medical services help make a senior’s life more manageable. Senior companions are essential eyes and ears to family members and supporting agencies involved with the senior. ”

While companions can provide many practical ways to assist with seniors’ household needs, Wilding cautions that individuals who hire companions should never lend them money, use them as emergency contacts or engage them as legal representatives.

Hiring a companion to help yourself or a senior citizen in the family can be stressful but using a home care company such as Family Private Care can reduce the stress tremendously. Agencies provide caregivers who are trained, qualified and appropriately screened, and they will work to find the perfect caregiver and client partnership.

If you or someone you know is disabled, is recovering from a major accident, or is elderly and struggling with daily activities, look into hiring a Senior Home Care companion. The respite that everyone gets from the caretaker will provide much needed relief and time to heal.