As inflation rises and housing costs along with that, many senior citizens are finding it difficult to afford housing. One solution that has risen in the past few years is house sharing with the app Silvernest. Silvernest helps homeowners find compatible roommates to share the cost of housing. It works similarly to an AirBNB but is geared toward the older adult population, many of whom wish to age in place and not move into an institutional care setting.


And although the founder of Silvernest targeted the senior adult population, there is not an age requirement nor restriction to participate. The homeowner fills out an application and pays a nominal fee. Likewise, home seekers do the same. Then they can search for someone who would be a good match for their situation. 


Many matches are senior adult women house sharing. There have been cases of college students and seniors matching also. Another demographic that needs affordable housing is young adults starting their careers. These matches meet the needs of both parties, often helping not only with the rising cost of housing but also with friendship and engagement factors. This is especially important for the senior population who can find themselves isolated as they age.


Silvernest has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. There are also testimonials on Youtube as well as the website from individuals who have used the platform to match. You can learn more about how it works by visiting Youtube to listen to the testimonials as well as by visiting the website