Having been in the Senior Home Care field for a quarter of a century, we have become accustomed to never saying (or even thinking), “We’ve seen it all.” In fact, we have come to expect to see and experience new things in home care because of the nature of crisis that often times accompanies the need for a caregiver for an older adult, a disabled person, or a child who requires pediatric services. Not many people call for help when life is going grand and there are no problems to be found. So, the fact is that many of our clients are in some state of crisis when they call for assistance. And over the course of a long illness, disability, or end of life, there are many emotions and life circumstances that will be experienced and must be dealt with.

In addition to providing Companions, Certified Nursing Aides, Personal Home Care Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses, Family Private Care is privileged to have two licensed ministers on our team of healthcare professionals. Additionally, one of our owners has the distinction of being a Chaplain as well. When we talk about holistic care for your loved one or yourself, we want to make sure we are speaking to the emotional, mental, and spiritual health as much as we are the physical health. Spiritual concerns or matters can be pressing issues that our clients need to work through or discuss with someone.

Some of the examples of the types of spiritual issues that a client may need to speak with a Chaplain about are listed below:

  • Eternity
  • Questions pertaining to faith
  • Loss
  • How to handle grief and/or anger
  • How to navigate a health condition or diagnosis

Our Chaplains offer these ancillary services as part of the care you or your loved one receives with Family Private Care. There is no additional charge for their services. Our Chaplains work with you and your family to determine how care is delivered- whether by phone call, ZOOM session or an in-person visit. We offer this meaningful benefit to every client and family and consider it one of the highest honors to provide it.

During this holiday season, if you or a loved one needs a listening ear, give us a call and we will be happy to get you in contact with one of our ministers.