We know that caring for an elderly loved one is rewarding and yet can be exhausting all at the same time. One of the great ways to cope with the stress of being a caregiver for a senior citizen, disabled adult or a child with extensive medical needs is to get outside and exercise.

Now that the days are warmer and longer it is a great time to take advantage of outdoor exercise. There are many health benefits to fresh air and sunshine particularly taking a walk outdoors.  Some of these benefits are increased Vitamin D, increased energy, and lowered stress levels.

Unfortunately, 43 per cent of American adults are Vitamin D deficient. Adults need Vitamin D to help with decreasing inflammation levels. Immune health, muscle function and brain health. Thirty minutes of sunshine can provide the daily requirement of Vitamin D.

Who doesn’t want more energy!? Exercising outside causes us to take longer deeper breathes which increase the oxygen level to the brain resulting in more energy. Oxygen intake also increases our serotonin levels which boosts our mood and energy.

Stress reduction is another benefit of outdoor exercise. Taking a break to walk in nature can cause our cortisol levels to regulate therefore making us calmer.  The serotonin increase also assists with stress reduction by making us feel calmer.

Plan your day around a daily walk outside and see how much better you feel! And if you need some respite home care to help with that special person who needs some extra help, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.